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  • oakland2323


    With that being said, I see snow totals as very low if any at all for the I-95 corridor. If this storm decides to come west about 75-100 miles, then its game on and a lot of people get crushed. However, sorry.....not going to happen. no blocking at all and its just not the right time of year for this baby to cry its white stuff all over us.


    Whats up with the private groups lol .Do you think your weather knowledge is that special not to share/ Just asking are we getting below 20 inches tis year?
  • WildWeather


    Not buying a "True El Nino" but rather a "Hybrid El Nino" of some kind that may feature extreme weather and quite a bit of back and forth between warm and wet and cold and white!!!
  • robweather


    LWB is almost 7 years old
  • FreezeMizer


    March is sooo hard to bring everything together - hoping for one last winter swan song....
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