North Pacific Ocean waters are seeing fish from Mexico! (Why is the ocean warming so quickly?) Rob Guarino

Discussion started by robweather 3 years ago

A giant hotspot in the North Pacific Ocean may help explain why a massive ocean sunfish was spotted in Prince William Sound this month and a skipjack tuna was caught in a gillnet weeks earlier near the mouth of the Copper River in Washington State.

Both species are unusual visitors to Alaska. Steve Moffitt, a research biologist with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game in Cordova, believes the tuna might be the northernmost ever recorded. This is very interesting since we have ocean temps now 5-7 degrees above normal here in the fall. This could mean big problems for the salmon due to spawn later down the road. We did see a significant Calvin Wave earlier this year and signs of El Nino have returned.

The U.S. is under an EL NINO WATCH for this fall and winter and we now show a 73% chance of El Nino impacting North Amercia.

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