Portland Maine Winter Outlook 2014-2015 including Lewiston, Bangor South Portland

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So we looked over the last 50 years of El Nino winters in Portland Maine and 8 were weak El Nino's, 4 were a moderate El Nino and 7 years were classified as a strong El Nino. We are placing a good deal of our forecast on El Nino this winter simply due that we feel it will be a weak to moderate event.


Snowiest Winter in Portland                        107.6"   1970-1971


Least snow in a Portland Winter                     9.5"   1936-1937


Average Snowfall in Portland Maine             62.0"






Ocean temps are always a factor for the rain/snow line in and around Portland Maine and with a near to even slightly above normal ocean temperature outcome we'll see the rain/snow push further west than last winter. A few storms will push that line as far west as  Central Maine and we predict more than 3 rain events this winter.


Other factors into our forecast are the usual NAO or North Atlantic Oscillation. The STJ or Sub Tropical Jet along with the Arctic Oscillation and PNA or Pacific North American Teleconnection.


The Sub Tropical Jet or Southern Jet will have a huge impact on the weather along the Atlantic Coast and when combined with strong El Nino waves from the West Coast the chances are greater than 72% of a nor'easter over 6" of snow this winter. It's the nor'easter type of storms that will push the seasonal average to 15% above normal.


Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 5.06.03 PM


Portland Maine will see temperatures near to above average and don't be surprised to see a few spring-like days even in January. Expect the unexpected this winter with a wild swing in temps and 1-2 significant Nor'easters. The best chance of a Nor'easter will be in February and the warmest month with above normal temperatures will be in December.


If you like snow this is a winter of stop and go snow. We may see a snowy week or two but we'll also see several weeks with no snow at all. The biggest influence on Portland this winter will be El Nino and the path of the Southern Jet Stream.


Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 5.08.15 PM

Winter Summary for Portland Maine...

Average Snowfall in Portland Maine is       62.0"

Snowfall Prediction for Winter 2014-2015 60.4"

Temperatures will average near normal after a mild start and cold finish to the winter of 2014-2015


This will not be like last winter, we'll get a few spring-like days to hit your favorite Portland restaurant outdoors in January, yeah January. Expect the unexpected in this upcoming El Nino winter. Mild and sunny one week and cold and snowy the next. If you want variety in your winter weather this is the winter to follow. The winter will start warmer and drier than normal and end on the colder, snowier side in February and March. 


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