Cat 5 Hurricane Matthew is a Monster..Heading for Jamacia and Cuba .. Where Post there we have info

Discussion started by Dean D Davison 2 years ago

Good Morning.

Hurricane Matthew is now a Cat 5 hurricane with 160 mph winds. Jamacia Cuba and Bahamas are in the path of this  monster storm. After it gets to the bahamas this is where it gets tricky. The Highs and lows will make the desison on the path.. If this is a cat 4 or 5 then we will have to worry if the hurricane is stronger then the other highs and lows and if it would make its own path. Anyone on the east coast keep an eye on this storm.


IR Satellite Image

NHC Forecast Track

Hurricane Models




Power Of Storm Forecast

I will say it again all areas on the east coast please take head and pay attention


Dean D Davison


The Weather Pros


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