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1/14-1/15 Threat

Discussion started by PhillyWeather13 1 year ago

So most of us finally saw our 1st accumulating snowfall of the season on Saturday as a storm rode up the East Coast giving snow to the I-95 corridor as well as coastal areas from Virginia to Coastal Maine. So now the question is, when is the next threat??? And the answer is not that long, however it will be a much more complex situation compared to this past storm. What do I mean??? Let's take a closer look.

0z CMC Last Night:

Attached Image

As you can see, this would be a classic case of overrunning as a warm front coming up from the south runs into cold air from a storng area of High Pressure in Quebec which is modeled at this point to be as strong as 1040-1050mb bringing down cold air from that region. As this battle rages on, precipitation will break out and depending on how everything plays out, there could be significant snow and ice north of the front,while a changeover to rain would occur to the south of the front.


12Z Euro Today:

;Attached Image

The very latest European model also illustrates my concerns as there would be an overrunning ice storm if this solution verifies for the Northern Mid- Atlantic and Northeast states for next weekend.

So the tabeway from this would be that there COULD be another wintry scenario developin for next weekend. But the key to the entire forecast is how strong is the High Pressure area in Canada, and can we get everything to time out perfectly in order for this threat to come to fruition??? We'll find out as the week progresses.

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Dean D Davison
Dean D Davison
great writeup
1 year ago

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