Winter's withdrawal; warm air returns.

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It would currently seem that this February is deviating from the past few Februarys in one particular catagory: snow.  With fluctuating temperatues and improbable setups, 2017's February has been sub-par for those frosty flake enthusiasts in Southwest Virginia.  In fact, this entire Winter has been sub-par for the white stuff.  Thusfar, Roanoke has recieved 4.5 inches of snow, far below it's upper teen average. Blacksburg has faired similarly, coming in at 6.6 inches for the Winter (averages 27 inches).  Danville, in an unusual twist, leads both Roanoke and Blacksburg this year for snow at 8.8 inches, due to a southern winter storm in January.

The next seven days won't to anything to quell the worries of Winter lovers, as warm air appears ready to pounce this weekend, seizing the region for a good while.  Tomorrow will offer the last cool day of the week, with highs in the lower 40s before ramping up into the 50s on Friday.  From Saturday into late next week, temperatures look to be no less 60 degrees for a high.  This will be capped off by a 70 degree day on Monday, as the balmy air makes an especially strong push. 

Precipitation wise, we should have a couple run-ins with some systems over the next week.  The first system will be on Saturday evening, where a light shower or two will pass the area.  Not much as far as rain accumulation goes.  Next Wednesday or Thursday may offer a little more for the parched land, with a gulf low projected by the models to bring in some rainfall.  We'll have to keep an eye on that one to see if we can get in on some much needed water.

As I've said though, the Winter is far from done.  The end of February and the month of March may sneak in a shot of some brief cold air.  That brief shot is all that is needed to create a substantial winter storm. 


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